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Discover our agenteless solution for the control and security of all family devices.

Protect all devices in the family

HiveFlow is our agentless solution capable of monitoring and protecting all mobile and smart home devices from cyber-attacks, blocking the most widespread and dangerous threats.

Identity Theft  
Web Content FIltering 
Digital Wellness 
Advanced Threat Defence 
Report & Notification

Smart Protection

Monitor and protect all mobile and smart home devices against all cyber-attacks.

Devices Visibility

Identify all personal and smart home devices, to help customers compile a complete inventory of all familiar devices.

Safe Browsing

Allows access to specific categories of web content to be blocked according to the needs of each family member.

Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness for the whole family

App & Web Control

With HiveFlow you decide which categories of applications and web content your children have access to.

Times Mode

Manage the family’s online experience, defining the times of app use and web browsing.