For Business

Discover our network based solution to manage and protect your corporate SIMs fleet.

No longer in the dark about your network

HiveFlow4b is our multi-tenant and carrier-grade solution for monitoring and controlling the data traffic of the corporate mobile, fixed and IoT fleet.  

Advanced Threat Defence
App & Web Control
Quota & Security Reports
Privacy & AD Blocking 


Get complete visibility

Have real-time visibility of mobile and fixed data traffic consumption based on applications, geographies and usage profiles.

Full visibility regarding security and web filtering events.

Receive notifications in real-time through different notification channels.


Control is in your hands

Set different traffic usage quotas per roaming zone or country.

Create an inventory of all company devices and associate them with a specific SIM.

Create time-based blocking rules by app category, website, or individual domain.

Full autonomy in the creation and management of traffic bundles contracted for geographical areas to monitor their erosion level in real time.