Be aware of your
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Take control of your networks with HiveFlow's visibility and security solutions. Tailored for families and businesses, we ensure a secure, governed, and seamless digital experience.





Streamline your consumer & enterprise networks with HiveFlow's tailored security solutions.

What Makes HiveFlow Unique?


Safeguard all your devices against key cybersecurity threats, including device vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and malicious websites or apps.


Stay-up-date and gain visibility on the network activity, usage profiles and cyber threats detected and blocked by our solutions.


Empower your network management by configuring profiles, access rights, and customized navigation rules for all devices, based on specific needs.

Our Products

User-friendly and versatile, HiveFlow integrates with your current environment, enabling you to leverage (cutting-edge) technology tailored for both homes and businesses. Dive into how we deliver!

HiveFlow for Business

Take governance of your corporate network. Manage mobile and fixed devices, defend against evolving threats, and optimize data quotas for business cost efficiency.

HiveFlow for Consumer

Empower families with digital wellness. Set personalized usage rules, protect every smart device, and shield your loved ones from online threats.

Our Solution

For Enterprises

Enable cybersecurity networks and optimize data governance to boost business productivity and prevent unexpected roaming costs.

For Families

Take care of your digital wellness, protect every home device, and personalize usage with custom profiles.  

Why Telco choose us?

Enhance user security, improve revenue retention, and leverage HiveFlow Data for strategic marketing insights. Thanks to our solutions Telco offers companies a value-added digital service, building customer loyalty and creating a new revenue stream.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

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New revenue stream

Zero Litigation Costs